Cartier Watch Service Cost

How Much Does A Cartier Watch Service Cost?

Cartier watches are a serious investment, so you want to make sure you’re taking care of them properly. That means getting them serviced regularly to keep them ticking away like a champ.

As with any luxury item, quality service often comes at a cost. So let’s dive in and find out how much you can expect to shell out for a Cartier watch service.

Do you have a Cartier watch that needs a service? Perhaps you want to learn more about the service costs of Cartier watches before you buy one? In any case, you’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll thoroughly examine how much a Cartier watch service costs. We’ll also provide details on what a full Cartier service includes, as well as individual repairs for different types of Cartier watches.

Cartier Watches Full Service Cost

According to Cartier, a complete service for one of its watches starts at $385. Depending on the watch movement, this price can be higher or lower. For instance, a chronograph movement that requires more complicated work will cost you about $450, whereas a quart-powered timepiece will generally cost between $45 and $100.

If this seems too expensive, keep in mind that this price reflects the brand’s prestige, high-quality parts, and the manual labor of its master watchmakers. 

Cartier timepieces are commonly built using precious metals like yellow or rose gold. They are also often equipped with double-domed sapphire crystals and are powered by high-end in-house calibers. While all these materials are very durable, they also cost more to replace.

Also, Cartier only entrusts the best watchmakers with servicing their timepieces, which further increases the total service cost.

Finally, the price for a Cartier service can differ significantly depending on where you choose to take it. You can opt for an official Cartier boutique, a Cartier authorized dealer, or an independent watchmaker. 

The boutique and authorized dealer will usually follow the price guidelines set by the brand. But, an independent watchmaker may be able to do it for cheaper. 

This doesn’t mean they’ll do a poor job; some independent watchmakers might have several years of expertise or formal training. I’ve encountered several enthusiasts who have serviced my watches as good as a dealer while they asked for a fraction of the price.

How Often Does A Cartier Watch Need To Be Serviced?

Generally, all mechanical watches have a service window of approximately 5-10 years, whereas most quartz watches require at least a battery change every few years. Cartier recommends that you service your timepiece every five years.

But, this number can change. If you wear your watch daily, you might need to consider servicing it earlier than the 5-year mark. Once you notice that your timepiece is running too slow or too fast, or you want it to feel brand new again, you should send it for a service.

What Does A Cartier Watch Service Include?

A Cartier service includes many checks and tests to ensure your watch’s functionality and good looks. Firstly, the watchmaker will fully dismantle your timepiece. Then, if necessary, they’ll do a deep cleaning of your case and metal bracelet.

After that, the movement is thoroughly cleaned, and all the parts are oiled up. Also, parts of the movement that don’t function properly are replaced. Remember that replacement parts are not included in the service price and are only changed after your agreement.

Subsequently, the whole watch is put back together with new seals and gaskets. Finally, the watchmaker completes a pressure and water resistance test, and a movement accuracy test for five days.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Cartier Battery?

If your Cartier watch uses a quartz movement, it usually doesn’t need a complete disassembly. In the case that the second hand ticks in a weird pattern or has stopped working, it’s more likely to need a new battery.

Any watchmaker with knowledge of Cartier watches can do a quick battery change for you. You can also choose to send it to the official boutique. In this case, a battery replacement will cost you $70, along with a new rubber gasket and a water resistance test.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Cartier Strap?

A watch strap is usually the first thing that you’ll need to change, as it typically doesn’t hold up well for long. The cost of a new Cartier strap depends on the strap’s type and whether you want an official or a third-party one.

If you opt for an official Cartier strap, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for it. Prices vary significantly, depending on the strap type. 

But, generally, you’re looking at about $500 for a standard leather strap. Third-party options might not carry the prestigious Cartier logo, but you can find some high-quality ones for a fraction of the price.

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Cartier Watch?

Depending on where you choose to service your Cartier watch and how much work it requires, its service can last from a few days to a few weeks. If all you need is a battery or a strap replacement, a local watchmaker might have it ready for you within a day.

But, if you send the watch to an authorized dealer or a boutique and it needs a complete service, it can take up to three or four weeks. It might take even longer if several parts need replacement and are hard to find.

How To Care For Your Cartier Watch?

Here are a few general tips you can follow to maintain your watch’s condition and avoid the need for services.

  • Avoid wearing the watch during sports or intense activities, so you don’t damage it.
  • Keep clear of places with extreme temperatures or humidity changes.
  • Don’t wear your watch while sleeping, as you might accidentally damage it.
  • Avoid wearing accessories such as metal bracelets to not scratch the case.
  • Don’t expose your watch to magnetism sources for a prolonged period; it might negatively affect its movement.


All in all, while Cartier watches are made to be durable, they also need some care and service every few years. Still, you can prolong the service of your timepiece if you take good care of it and feel it’s working fine.

If you think there’s something wrong with your watch at any point, you should send it for service before any potential damage becomes more severe. 

Other than that, wear and enjoy your Cartier watch or any other luxury watch. And, when it’s time for their service, an experienced watchmaker will make it brand new.

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