My Story

Mike Taylor


Hi, I'm Mike, founder and editor of Watches Authority. Ever since my dad gave me my first watch, the Casio F-91W when I was a young lad, I fell in love with watches and started collecting to this day. Watches have a special place in my heart and I can talk about them all day and everyday. With so many watches on the market it took me a while to buy the watches I have for my ever growing collection. I have watches for different occasions, some casual, some smart and some for other uses like outdoors. Knowing which watch to buy can be a tough one, this is why I’ve created WatchesAuthority. 


If you’ve delved into the watch market you will know that there are many watches for different uses. My mission is to give clarity by creating in-depth reviews to make your life easier when buying a watch. I’m hoping to cover all different types of watches out there and leave no stone unturned. 


All the content that you will come across on this website is outlined and edited by me to ensure it meets impeccable quality that is flawless. We do use freelance writers to help us ease up the workload. We get them to help put the content together and we read through it and see what edits can be done. After thoroughly checking to ensure all the information is accurate we then go on to publish them.  

The watch reviews we make are mostly tried and tested. We try to get a real-life experience with them as much as possible but it's not always the case, so we rely on extensive online feedback from real customers of these items. 

We also spend a lot of time researching many watches to get to know which ones will be the best for putting in our reviews. 

In light of all this, we want to be utmost transparent with you and want this site to be a place you can trust. We do not want it to be a site littered with garbage products for brand sponsorship. We aim for quality so you can use our information to make the best decisions for yourself  and save money when it comes to buying a watch.